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Hoof trimming


PharVet are attending the ICFTA Hoof Health and Trimming Awareness Day on at Kildalton Agriculture College on Thursday 2nd October 2014. Click here to find out more. 


PharVet are delighted to announce a new partnership with Dunlop Boots.  PharVet will become one of the key distributers of the safety range of Dunlop boots across Ireland, with a particular focus on the veterinary channel.  This partnership aims to address the risks associated with dealing with large animals on farm and the importance of using safety footwear.

This new arrangement will see Pharvet offering a broader range of Dunlop products to include;

  • Purofort Professional Full Safety range
  • Purofort® + Safety range
  • Thermo + range
  • Acifort boot range
  • Purofort Plus Ruggad Safety Boot (New Rigger Boot pictured)

A safe working environment is essential to avoid accidents during daily activities on farms.  The exposure of farmers, vets, contractors, staff and other personal to areas such as chemicals, manure, blood, water, slurry, rough ground, sharp objects, livestock, oils and cement all are a contributing factor to the daily health risks associated with these hazardous work places.  An injury can result in a significant impact on the financial and health status of all persons who work in and around our Irish farms.

Dunlop Boots are made from the patented Purofort® Technology which provides protection and safety.  The added features such as SRA/SRC slip resistant outsoles, S5 safety standards with steel top caps and steel midsoles, a resistance to manure, acids, blood, fats and chemicals give protection and comfort for long working days.

In addition, Dunlop boots are lightweight, supple, warm and durable to give maximum safety and satisfaction.

PharVet’s Sales Manager Paul Kennedy’s comments “PharVet are delighted to be partnering up with Dunlop in promoting safety for vets and farmers. This new venture with Dunlop Boots compliments well with our outdoor clothing range, Flexothane.   The farm can be a dangerous work place and we welcome the opportunity to supply a quality safety product in Dunlop Purofort Boots.

Dunlop Thermo Plus Boot worth it for vet’s knees and back

John Bourke
Limerick large animal veterinarian John Bourke has been wearing Dunlop Thermo Plus Boots ever since he injured his ankle.

"Tom the farmer who’s farm I had the accident on gave me his pair of Dunlop Thermo’s and I’ve worn them all day every day ever since. Whilst I started wearing steel toe cap boots after breaking my big toe 20 years ago, it was only after I tried the Dunlop Thermo Plus Boots, that I felt the added comfort and cushion and the benefits it brings my knees and back which is hugely important in my job. They also give my ankle more protection and give me a spring in my step”.  When asked do they feel heavy to wear, John replied “They’re not as heavy as they look and are no heavier than any other steal toe boot. I don’t notice them though and I wear them all year round, even in the summer. The Thermal properties keep my feet well insulated for warm and cold weather. “

John Bourke works in practice with his brother Pat in Newcastlewest, Limerick.

To view the range of Dunlop Boots available from PharVet, click here or talk to your local PharVet Territory Manager who has samples of the full range of boots available.

Farrell Supplies  Aquisition Photo

PharVet are delighted to announce their acquisition of Farrell Supplies Ltd. This exciting new arrangement will allow PharVet to offer a more extensive product offering in particular in the area of hoof health which will complement its current portfolio. Pat O’Callaghan, Director of PharVet says “We now want to build on the success of the PharVet business since its acquisition by Interchem in 2011. Farrell supplies Ltd has longstanding position in the Irish market and we now approach the future with a continued determination as we endeavour to deliver address the needs of our customers and provide the highest possible standard of customer service”.

John Farrell will continue to be contactable on his regular phone number 087 253 6187 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Elanco Keenan PharVet Roadshow

Congratulations to Michael McNamara, Silver Grove, Bodyke, Co. Clare who was the winner of our prize draw at the Tullamore Show.
Michael receives 2.5 litres of Supermec mineral drench worth €90.

PharVet are proud to announce the launch of a new range of protective clothing for veterinary practitioners

  • This range was designed, tested and trialled in the UK and America by a vet, for veterinary use
  • They are made in Ireland
  • The material used is lightweight, machine washable @ 65°c
  • Comfortable, lightweight and durable.
  • The material is the same as that used in hospitals by surgeons and doctors
  • Waterproof material
  • Available in Long & Short sleeve design
  • Sizes available: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL, XXXL



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