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Exceed Performance Tonic



Exceed is a trace mineral and vitamin supplement
suitable for most animals
• Exceed is a palatable water and milk soluble liquid, it can also be added to the
• Exceed provides Copper, iron, Manganese and B vitamins to supplement
normal diets and to promote improved feed utilization
• Exceed is especially useful as a dietary supplement at times of illness,
reproductive stress or hard work.
• Exceed works well during intensive training programmes to maintain
progressive conditioning and to assist in overcoming post-competitive
fatigue or to promote “bloom” in show animals.
• Stimulates appetite
• Improves nervous “tone” in animals undergoing training, schooling or racing
• Improves capacity for muscular work
• Conditions animals for show or sale and promotes a
healthy bloom to the coat.
Dosage rates:
Horses & Cattle: 40ml per 250kg twice to three times daily.
Foals & Calves: 10 to 20ml twice daily in milk
Dogs: 2.5ml per 10kg two or three times daily
Pigeons: up to 2 drops into the drinking water every other day


Contains caffeine

Exceed should be used for 5-10 days depending on response and signs of recovery


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